Equal Nebraska is a grassroots group of dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable, professional individuals that come together to help other organizations across the state create and retain a community of equal access and opportunity for all citizens. We believe that an equal Nebraska is a better Nebraska and that we must work together to make that happen.

Equal Nebraska is a continuation and expansion of Equal Omaha. As a group we worked with various organizations and non-profits, bringing everyone together to ensure the passing of the Equal Employment Ordinance that would end discrimination in the workplace for the LGBT community in Omaha. The Ordinance passed, so we decided to roll up our sleeves and get back to work.

We believe equal is equal. We want all Nebraskans to have a fair chance at the good life, the better life. So, Equal Nebraska has expanded our mission and our goals, while we continue to work on equal employment, we also value voter access and the continued effort to make certain that no citizen of our state is disenfranchised from the fundamental right to vote, regardless of political affiliation.

This is currently a “site preview,” barely scratching the surface of our larger plan. Our ambitions for an Equal Nebraska include a dynamic site that will be a resource for communities and individuals across the state to learn, get motivated and start participating in real change.

Change starts when citizens take notice – let’s come together and make certain that Nebraska values include valuing everyone equally.